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Paul has worked with Mark since he was old enough to hold a spanner, and Mark worked with Ken in wood, later complemented him with metal and mechanical engineering.

Although trained as an Engineer, Paul has found real empathy with timber and we now find him in a wood workshop (slowly turning into his grandfather) and Mark surrounded by metal.

The mechanical engineering workshop and forge are apparently shared by ‘Abel and Father’.

These are some of the projects and work Red Barn has recently undertaken.  Wagons, furniture, artistic work from reclaimed materials, restorations - what’s next?

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Red Barn Workshop

Corn, Carpentry & Crafts from Norfolk

Reclaimed watermill scoop bucket.

After decades of submersion under water the oak has taken on a wonderful texture and a purple hue.

A solid English Oak tack room Saddle Horse.

These are made with top rail individually fitted to each saddle.

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