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During our years at the Denver Windmill project, we became increasingly involved  with discovering and understanding the changing path of grain from farm, to mill, to oven, over the past hundred years or so.

Partnership with an organic farmer gave Mark and Sally a quite frightening insight into the agricultural industry’s changes during that period, and the pressures placed on farmers today.

With Paul’s assistance, period equipment was commissioned back into service, and with three generations of flour mills we began to understand the subtleties of the different processes, materials and methods available to us, and after three years hard work we were producing some uniquely fine flours.

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Sharing that knowledge, enthusiasm and passion is very important to us and we were delighted that our adult classes in bread making welcomed participants from Cornwall to Cumberland!

We believe it even more important that the new generations understand how to get their hands dirty, and many hundreds of youngsters have experienced our Make and Bake classes.  

Thanks to the Crafters Workshop we will soon be able to deliver this important experience once again.

*Our Spelt development program started in 2011 and although many of the ideas we came up with have now been adopted by others, we don’t despair!

We believe a truly artisan product is quite unique, reflecting the skill of the miller and baker - so watch out for NBB Spelt products next year.*

Norfolk Born and Bread has been created to continue the work we started at Denver Mills.

At present only small quantities of flour, bread and confectionary are produced and only select baking classes delivered.

However, with the new Twigs Group facilities, the future is looking brighter!

Corn, Carpentry & Crafts from Norfolk